Lions News · Stellar Defense Propels Lions Past Tomcats

On Tuesday, December 2nd, the Lewis County Lions Defeated the Ashland Tomcats 65-52. The Lions relied heavily on their defense and rebounding to defeat the Tomcats, holding Ashland to only 32% from the field, while winning the battle on the backboards 38-22. The Lions had four players(Trenton Walker, Jacob Kiebler, Jeremy McCann, and Jordan Davis) score in double figures. Also, Jeremy McCann and Jacob Kiebler posted double digit rebounds on the night.


After trailing at halftime 29-26, the Lions coaching staff made the change from a man to man defense to a triangle and two defense. Putting Jordan Davis and Devon Duncan in no help defense on Nick Miller and Christian Villars. Bench play was also key for the Lions. Although there were not many points scored off the bench for the Lions, the reinforcements stepped it up on the other end of the floor. Titus LeMaster drew a charging foul on Nick Miller , while Tommy Parks, Seth Wallingford, and Isaac Kelly took on the job of guarding Miller and Villars when Duncan and Davis needed a quick breather. The Lions took the lead at the start of the fourth quarter after back to back threes by Jordan Davis and never looked back, outscoring Ashland 31 to 16 in the fourth frame. The Lions were able to close out the game from the free throw line shooting 81 percent from the charity stripe on the night. The Lions will travel to Fairview, Thursday December 4th for a double header against the Eagles.



                            FG                              FT                               REB                        POINTS

Walker               2-10                             5-8                             5                                 10           

Parker               2-4                               2-2                             4                                 7              

McCann            3-10                             4-4                             10                              11                             

Duncan             2-5                               5-5                             1                                 9          

Davis                2-8                               5-6                             4                                 11                             

Wallingford      0-1                               0-1                             2                                 0

Kiebler             3-8                               5-6                             11                              11           

Parks               1-1                               0-0                             1                                 2                                

LeMaster         0-2                               1-2                             0                                 1

Kelly                0-1                               3-3                             2                                 3                                

Orcutt              0-0                               0-0                             0                                 0